Great Managers Pay It Forward

I m watching a move called Pay It Forward and I remember having seen it and that it impacted me but don’t remember much about the specifics of the movie.
I do know this though, and that the concept is what indeed we should all live by.

And then I received a friend request on LinkedIn and I remembered why I Blog. I am paying it forward. I remember why I am working on Sunday to design lesson plans so I will be the best trainer tomorrow and that all of my students will walk away with at least the opportunity to be better at their jobs.

And I remembered that I Blog about managers, management, and what it takes to be a better manager is because I am paying it forward. If I make someone, just one someone, a better manager, then I have changed the loves of so many others! How many people does that manager touch? Control? Supervise? How many other supervisors will learn from the Manager. How much of a difference am I making?

I don’t know. And that isn’t even important. What is important is that one manager, one person wrote to me and said they were looking forward to learning from my Blog. That means I can reach ONE person no matter who subscribes to my Blog! ONE PERSON who wants to get better. One person who wants to learn. I can make a difference to ONE PERSON!

And after all, isn’t that what YOUR job is all about? Being such a great manager that you make everyone’s job just a little easier? I little less stressful? I little more successful? Isn’t it your job to pass on many of your abilities so that others can learn from you? So they can help the company and other people that they touch become better?

If I have reached one person who makes a difference to one other person. I am paying it forward. And that, my friends, is what life is all about.
Steve Sapato

Speaking to help you become better


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