What is being said in your office? Who is saying it? Why are they saying it?

Are you a good manager or a great manager? A good manager gets to work on time, gets his department on track and gets the job done. And they think that is all they need to do. They will even justify how hard they work and how good they are.

But a GREAT manager does all of those things and more, much more. A great manager will accomplish all of that and when asked will invite and encourage feedback, listen, share and try to understand why his people are do what they do. A GREAT manager will be involved, actively involved in finding out what his people are talking about, gossiping about, complaining about. A good manager will hear a complaint, typically push it aside because they are so busy and ignore it because they forgot all about it because it was just people complaining. While a GREAT manager will actively involve themselves in the gossip, to find out what it is, why it is taking place, and follow it. At the source they will find the truth of the gossip, complaint or vibe. A GREAT manager will have access to that because their people will know they are not going to be in trouble because a GREAT manager will have great communication skills and attitude so that their people will know and understand that their manager is their to help them, build them up and make them better at their job so that they, as the manager, will look even better.

Finding the source of office gossip, dealing with the situation or problem and rectifying any areas that need improvement are the responsibility of a GREAT manager. Most people won’t gossip if they know they can take any complaint or situation directly to their GREAT manager and get it off their chest. And a GREAT manager will deal with each thing that comes up with honesty and integrity and even making sure that there is follow-up conversations to let their people know all about what is happening and how it affects the entire group.

Here’s hoping you have many GREAT managers working with, for and around you, including your boss, another GREAT manager.

Great Managers Are Made Not Born – the book


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