Are always thinking days weeks and months ahead

It’s NEW YEARS EVE and I am always stunned by the number of resolutions people make at this time. Resolutions are merely wishes hopes and dreams that people could not set goals for all and suddenly find support to do it TODAY! As a manager and trainer I find that the people who didn’t set their goals all year long are probably not going to succeed with those goals at this time of the year. Great Managers are the opposite of New Years Resolution people. Great Managers always have to be looking ahead, by days, weeks, months and even years. They have to be planning for their people, their departments, the goals that they have set and that their superiors have set.

Great Managers are influential in helping their people be proActive rather than reactive. Great Managers help their people establish themselves as leaders, as movers and shakers and as great followers.

The one great failure for most managers is their lack of vision. Their lack of being able to see the bigger picture and how to conquer and succeed in that picture.

What will you be doing in 2011 to establish your department as the primo department for the year? What will you be doing to make your department the envy of your company or organization.

Here’s to an amazing and prosperous 2011.

Where I don’t motivate your people to change but I inspire them to become.


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