Great Managers make others feel important

When I am invited to speak at an organization I always send out a survey to the management and staff asking what things they think make up a great manager. I am always surprised byt the few things they really talk about. Most don’t respond because they have no clue what makes a great manager.

But the few things that always show up always involve two things; respect and trust.

When a manager understands hispeople, that manager must understand each person as individuals. What motivates them, that they will work for, why they are working, why they are in good moods and bad moods at work. All of this makers a manager more effective in getting someone to do a job. Some of their people might be great at analytics, others at team work, still others might be great communicating but not all of them will be good at all things. Each job, each assignment will require the great manager to put the team to work using the skill sets available to accomplish the job in the best, fastest, safest, most effective way possible.

Leaarn about your team. Learn how they will believe and trust in you so that your team will be the best there is and your boss will believe and trust you and them.


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