Study says… over 70% of all employees feel…

What are you employees feeling? Do you even know? Recent riots in many countries are exploding because governments have no clue their people are at a breaking point. What about you as a manager or leader? Do you know what your people are feeling?

Oh I’m not saying they are ready to riot! But a recent study found that over 70% of all, yes ALL employees did not feel valued.

That is an incredible number. Over 70% don’t feel heard, don’t feel important, don’t feel like they matter. 

What are you doing different than all of the other managers you know that would make you stand out from all the other managers so that your employees feel valued?

And if what you are thinking is, oh I am an exceptional manager so I know my people feel valued, then your people are probably part of that 70%. Think about it. All of the other managers are thinking the exact same thing you are. I am the great manager …

But if you do not know what you are doing differently or you have not done a survey asking for that kind of input or information discreetly and your people are confident that it is a private survey then you do not have that information. Which probably puts you in that 70%.

Want to make sure that your people feel valued? Ask them. Invite their input without the possibility of discovery. Or better yet… sit down with each of them and invite their input without repercussions. That of course, if they really believe you. And don’t think a computer survey or email input will even be considered discreet. We all believe that our bosses can find out what we do on our computer. Make is discreet by you sending out an email asking that they complete the questions and print them out so that they drop them into a bin throughout that week so there is no possibility of them being discovered. 

Then and only then do you even have the hope that the true feelings of your people will come out.

I wish you good managing and that by doing this you will find another method for becoming a GREAT MANAGER.   or





  1. I’d have to seek advice from you below. Which is not something I usually accomplish! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thank you for allowing us to review!

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