Great Managers – Restaurant Addtn- How you can help your staff make more money

Have you been blessed by working for a great manager? Me too. I have learned many great styles and techniques as well as ‘catch phrases’ that endure time. I would love to hear yours so please comment and let me know. And pass this on to help others! One of the phrases that have stuck in my head for 50 years now is ‘if you have time to lean, you have time to clean.’ I love that. I hated it at the time because it meant my boss wanted me to keep working! Now get ready to share yours, please.

I have the great pleasure recently of having someone I managed over thirty years ago come back into my life. She is now a great manager and as we talk she reminds me of things she has learned and recently she told me I was the inspiration for her helping her staff make more money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have lots of techniques I use and train that I tell restaurants will increase their business by ten percent and sometimes double the tips their servers receive. It is why I travel and train. I know things! Surprise surprise.

But this one phrase I had long forgotten and my friend reminded me. She told me that her staff said that working her shift made them a lot more money than working for any other manager. By using one phrase she helped her people make more money. Would you like your staff to make more money?

Because that is what great restaurant managers do isn’t it? It is one of the reasons that Great Managers seldom have to look for a great staff because the staff tells their friends how great it is to work with you and they come and apply giving you a never ending supply of great staff while at other restaurants you hear, “I can’t find good help these days.”

If you have heard that, maybe this one phrase will help you solve that huge problem of getting good help!

Are you ready?

When your guests check out all you need to do is ask them – Did your server take good care of you today?

Wait, not done because it’s the next phrase that makes all the difference!

And of course they better be saying yes to that question or you had better be doing a lot more to make your guests happy.

When you ask, – Did your server take good care of you today – and they answer yes! Then the money maker reply is… – Did you take good care of your server?-

It’s innocuous, it doesn’t raise their hackles, it’s not pandering, it’s not offensive in any way AND it makes your guests realize that you not only value them but you value your staff. And my great friend Toni Finch said her servers love working with her for many reasons (it’s why she is a great manager)but one reason they tell her is because she uses those two phrases together and they make her staff a lot more money!

What makes you a great manager? Lots and lots of things. This is just one small idea that will create a loyalty from your staff and also make them more money. And that is what drives many people today, show me the money~

I hope this tidbit makes you and your people a better place to work and a happier place to spend your time.

Would you like to learn more ways to increase your bottom line profits? Learn how to increase customer loyalty? Have great people standing in line to work for you?

I am Steve Sapato and I would love to train you and your staff so that all of those things can happen. Great Managers are made not born. – Now please leave your catch phrases here so we can all learn and grow.! Have an amazing year!


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