#1 REASON Why your company is not all that it should be!

Managers are the key to your company being all that it should be and much more!

Every project, every department, every business, every organization can grow exponentially if they have great managers.

Contrary to what seems to be the popular mandate, great managers are made and not born.

People do not automatically become good managers because they are promoted or hired in as a manager.

We have all had those average managers. Many of us have had that terrible manager.

Have you ever experienced a great manager?

What a profound difference isn’t there? When you have a great manager, you want to produce. You want to excel. You want to be your best. And great managers make you feel great about trying to be better. They make you feel better about working hard and smart and reward you for being part of a great team.

Most average managers do not think of rewarding their people. They do not know there are dozens of ways to reward employees. They do not know there are dozens of ways to motivate their employees. Do you? Are you?

If you or your organization is not requiring your soon-to-be-managers to attend some management classes, (please note I said some and not ONE!), then you probably have or are experiencing the average or below average manager syndrome.

And your company is suffering. Your people are suffering. Your production is suffering. Your moral is suffering.

Great managers require great training, great challenges, great communication classes to help them get the most out of their people so their people can do the most for your organization. Those classes are called Mental Prosperity because mental prosperity gets the most out of people because they want to give the most and be rewarded for their efforts either by their peers, their leaders or simply because they learn what it means and how important it is to themselves to feel good and be good at their job.

So tell me, what trainings are your managers receiving? What communication skills are they developing? What leadership skills are they learning?

What programs are in place to train your soon-to-be-managers? What books are they reading, sharing, studying? And what is your company doing to make sure your company will succeed simply by training your managers to get the most out of their people?

Many companies have had the displeasure to watch their organization hire people who are probably very good at half of their jobs, the technical side, yet fail miserably on the personality side.

Because of this failure it doesn’t take long for their teams to become disorganized, fractured and disheartened and they watch their organization simply falter and fail in their tasks or productivity.

People need to be lead. People want to be lead. People want someone who not only understands what needs to happen but puts in place the mechanisms that can produce those results. They love to be on a winning team. They love recognition and results. They enjoy all of the perks that come with winning.

How about you? What do you want from your leadership? From your admins and managers?

Isn’t it about time you passed this article on to your superiors and start making this happen?

Average managers create average results. Great managers produce great results.

I am Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America and damn fine management trainer. You can pass this on to your superiors so they can connect with me at steve@stevesapato.com


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