What if you are wrong?

Have you ever known you were wrong? I mean did something said something and afterward knew it was the wrong thing, the wrong action, the wrong methodology and that it/you would fail?

What did you do?

I hope you admitted it. Came clean. Apologized to whoever needed an apology and then – started over learning from your mistake.

But what if you don’t know you are wrong? What if you aren’t certain it was your idea that made it wrong? Made it flounder? Didn’t help it succeed? What do you do then? Because others will blame you. Others will look at it and they will know, that it was you, your input, your idea that caused the problem. Even if it wasn’t.

And the answer is, admit to the failure. Take the blame/responsibility and move on.

Does it matter if you are wrong? Most people will say YES! Of course, especially if it could mean your job or how the company looks at you, reacts to you, sees you.

And as I have worked with companies over the last 30 years, some organizations do blame someone. And, that blame can cost a job, a career, a promotion. Maybe you are not in the right place, right company, right state of mind if you have to fear those types of repercussions.

Truly leading companies will accept and honor mistakes. Use them as building blocks to create something new, something better. Great companies understand that mistakes happen. Especially when you are pushing for the top. Mistakes lead to great innovations, superior productivity, inspiring creativity, and ideas.

Where does your organization fit into all of this? Have you trained your people to take risks? Have you inspired them to push the limits? Are you currently utilizing an agenda in your company that is helping your people grow professionally and personally?

Do you offer training, not one hour a month or one guru speaker a year but real honest training and support?

Are you changing your people’s lives because you want them to change your company? I teach Mental Prosperity, which is a course on getting the most for your company/organization because you are getting the most out of your employees simply because they are wanting the most for themselves.

And that all happens because a company cares and shows it cares by how that organization treats their people. Offering more to their people because they understand that company growth happens when the personal growth of their people is involved.

We teach math and science and welding and .. yes, we teach but do we train? Do your people have the skills to be happy at home? Better husbands and wives, better parents, better neighbors? Are you helping them by training them how to cope with frustrations? How to manage their money? How to discipline their kids? How to have a dream that can motivate them to be better and in that constant achievement create a happier employee?


What if how you have been running your company or organization has been wrong all this time?

What if this type of training can change your entire business model, create greater success, increase productivity and massively increase your profits?

What if you are wrong …

Is a basic skill set that trains people that it is ok to be wrong. It is ok to make mistakes. It is not being wrong that hurts us the most but not being able to admit it, fix it, learn from it and grow to the next level.

I am Steve Sapato. I train on Mental Prosperity, the ability for groups, businesses, organizations to get the most out of their people because their people are getting the most out of themselves.

You can reach me at steve@stevesapato.com steve@profitbuildercoaching.com


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