Why are your people leaving? I quit!

Why are your people leaving? How can I stop attrition now?

So tell me, as the lead of your company, department, organization, team, are you having a problem with high turnover? Do you know why?

If you read the statistics there are dozens of reasons but if you listen to the workers there are usually only a couple and the most predominant one is, bad manager.

Does that mean there are a lot of bad managers out there? Of course! Tell me this, how did you learn to become a manager? Did you take a course that lasted several weeks? Months? Or did you receive any training at all?

Did your manager receive any real training? I am not talking about a three-hour seminar on being a good manager. I have taught those, I know how they work, I have gone into companies and tried to make my sales pitch to make their training months long with weekly feedback, hands-on experience with direct feedback. I have tried to set up reporting where the employees tell me the strengths and weaknesses of their boss. And the companies refuse.

But make that about sales and the companies go wild offering weeks of training teaching their sales staff how to close the sale. But what they miss is that just like reduced sales, turnover is a huge cost to companies. Probably of the greatest expenses a company can endure.

So then why don’t companies do something about their managers, train them, listen to their employees, find out what really is causing turnover.

I worked in a separate training unit in one organization and the employee training manager told me he was losing one-third of the staff every single year for the five years he had been at that organization. That’s crazy. And what was being done about it? Nothing. He knew it was because of poor management. He heard the stories. He went to his bosses and their bosses to ask that management training become mandatory to help reduce this terrible situation but to his chagrin the leadership always left it as voluntary training for their managers. When I left that organization he was still experiencing that same turnover two years later.

So tell me, why are your people leaving? Do you really know? If you are doing exit interviews and it’s their managers conducting it, you will never know the truth. And if it’s your HR staff that has not been properly trained to find answers by asking the right questions, listening and asking some more then you will still not find out the truth.

My course on Questioning and Listening helps everyone who attends, from sales people to management people to front desk people to receptionists and CEO’s to find real answers, keep the people who used to want to leave, and sell more products.

There is no secret to all of this but there is an intuition when you Question and Listen to your people.

I am Steve Sapato and I teach people how to be better so other people can feel and be better too.


Were you trained to become a manager? Most managers are not… what you need to know…

Were you trained to become a manager?

Did you go to management classes taught by an outside vendor? because 90% of all in-house management training is taught by someone who has limited management training themselves and merely inherited the Training Position.

This in itself is not a bad thing but because of the nature of most companies we are all limited in our knowledge and our abilities to perform or excel outside of the scope of our experience. That means they can only teach you as much as they know. But we all know that each generation teaches less than they know so you aren’t even being trained via what they know but only what they can pass on to you.

What most companies desire is to achieve excellence in their organizations. Most understand that this excellence is achieved by utilizing their greatest resource – people. And most companies understand that the greatest loss of productivity is through the mismanagement of people and the under utilization of their abilities and skills.

Now I ask again, who trained you and what additional training are you achieving on your own?

I write this management blog for the mere pleasure of helping struggling managers learn more about how to get the most out of themselves and out of their people. I hope you enjoy reading it and forward it on to your peers.

But let’s talk about what is really happening. If you are relying on a simple afternoon training class or some video training you were required to take then you are missing the most important part of management training. The interaction. The ability to ask questions in and of a person who has suffered through many of the things you are trying to figure out. Who has gained knowledge and background after years of managing as well as taking courses from others who we can learn from. The Great Management Trainers are never boring because we have been forced to set through hours and hours of terrible management meetings, hours and hours of boring meetings because the managers didn’t know how or understand the purpose of those meetings. And we have put ourselves out there to learn from other trainers and learned that boring is not only bad but ridiculous!

Now you need to step up your game. You want the bosses to notice you? Then you need to be noticeable! You need to start showing them the results that only a great manager can achieve. And you can start that process by self training. Don’t wait for your company or your bosses to train you. Don’t wait! Take on the leadership you want by learning to be the leader they need.

Read some of my past blogs and then follow the new ones and encourage your bosses and other managers to hire a GREAT management trainer (hint hint nudge nudge) to come in and start the process to make your company into the successful and powerful organization they want it and you need it to be.

I am Steve Sapato with and I have been training corporate managers for over twenty years.


Study says… over 70% of all employees feel…

What are you employees feeling? Do you even know? Recent riots in many countries are exploding because governments have no clue their people are at a breaking point. What about you as a manager or leader? Do you know what your people are feeling?

Oh I’m not saying they are ready to riot! But a recent study found that over 70% of all, yes ALL employees did not feel valued.

That is an incredible number. Over 70% don’t feel heard, don’t feel important, don’t feel like they matter. 

What are you doing different than all of the other managers you know that would make you stand out from all the other managers so that your employees feel valued?

And if what you are thinking is, oh I am an exceptional manager so I know my people feel valued, then your people are probably part of that 70%. Think about it. All of the other managers are thinking the exact same thing you are. I am the great manager …

But if you do not know what you are doing differently or you have not done a survey asking for that kind of input or information discreetly and your people are confident that it is a private survey then you do not have that information. Which probably puts you in that 70%.

Want to make sure that your people feel valued? Ask them. Invite their input without the possibility of discovery. Or better yet… sit down with each of them and invite their input without repercussions. That of course, if they really believe you. And don’t think a computer survey or email input will even be considered discreet. We all believe that our bosses can find out what we do on our computer. Make is discreet by you sending out an email asking that they complete the questions and print them out so that they drop them into a bin throughout that week so there is no possibility of them being discovered. 

Then and only then do you even have the hope that the true feelings of your people will come out.

I wish you good managing and that by doing this you will find another method for becoming a GREAT MANAGER.   or



Great Managers know one thing….

The most famous unfamous man in the world (3)

Great Managers are few and far between and if you think you are a great manager know one thing… unless you have people asking to work for you when one of your people leave, you are not as great as you think you are. Remember, people will want to come to your department or organization because it might mean opportunity, promotion or change in their environment but if you are a great manager, people will be coming to you privately, to talk, or in an email, privately, where they will say things like, I just want you to know, that if you ever have an opening I would love to be on your team. Then you ask them why and they might say something like, I have seen …how fair you are/good you are with your team/how you treat your people/because so-and-so has told me what a great manager you are…

If you are not receiving these kinds of accolades or requests then you are probably not as good a manager as you think you are.

Being a manager is not what you thought it was going to be. Sure, you might be pretty effective in your job. Yes, you might get the results that your superiors expect from you and yes, you might even get accolades from your bosses and those are all necessary and good for your survival but…

that does not make you a great manager.

Great Managers get all of those things plus they have put together a team that works like a team, acts like a team, produces like a team and more importantly, likes coming to work! A Great Manager takes the skills their people bring to the organization and enhance those skills with the skills of others.  They find out what one person excels in and what that same person falls down in. One person might be great at details or stats or keeping you abreast of their progress but not excel at the actual design, implementation, connections, creativity that is required… while another person might excel at the creative part but not be great at the details part. A Great Manager creates a team within the team to accomplish all that both of these people excel at. A Great Manager knows their people and in that knowing creates additional gifts that the team will aspire to achieve and relate.

A Great Managers knows one thing.. and that is, they still have so much to learn and they can learn it from their team as well as their bosses.

Bring Steve in to speak and help your organization grow.

Great Managers Pay It Forward

I m watching a move called Pay It Forward and I remember having seen it and that it impacted me but don’t remember much about the specifics of the movie.
I do know this though, and that the concept is what indeed we should all live by.

And then I received a friend request on LinkedIn and I remembered why I Blog. I am paying it forward. I remember why I am working on Sunday to design lesson plans so I will be the best trainer tomorrow and that all of my students will walk away with at least the opportunity to be better at their jobs.

And I remembered that I Blog about managers, management, and what it takes to be a better manager is because I am paying it forward. If I make someone, just one someone, a better manager, then I have changed the loves of so many others! How many people does that manager touch? Control? Supervise? How many other supervisors will learn from the Manager. How much of a difference am I making?

I don’t know. And that isn’t even important. What is important is that one manager, one person wrote to me and said they were looking forward to learning from my Blog. That means I can reach ONE person no matter who subscribes to my Blog! ONE PERSON who wants to get better. One person who wants to learn. I can make a difference to ONE PERSON!

And after all, isn’t that what YOUR job is all about? Being such a great manager that you make everyone’s job just a little easier? I little less stressful? I little more successful? Isn’t it your job to pass on many of your abilities so that others can learn from you? So they can help the company and other people that they touch become better?

If I have reached one person who makes a difference to one other person. I am paying it forward. And that, my friends, is what life is all about.
Steve Sapato

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